• How do I enter/Where can I buy tickets?
    Simply add tickets to your basket for the prizes you’d like to win, answer the mandatory multi choice qualifying question and then proceed to checkout.
  • How many tickets I can buy

    There is currently a limit of 100 tickets per customer, per competition. Read more in our terms and conditions.

  • How much is it to enter?

    Dream Prize Competition tickets start from £3.00 depending on the type of prize you’d like to win

  • How many tickets are available per Dream Prize Competition?

    Every Dream Prize Competition has a maximum number of paid tickets which is clearly displayed. We also offer a number of free draw tickets for multiple purchases, however the maximum paid tickets will never change.

  • How is the winner decided?

    At the end of every competition, we complete the draw using a 3rd party number randomizer application, which chooses the lucky winner. The draw is witnessed and verified by an independent auditor who then issues a compliance certificate for every draw. Details of every prize winner can be found in the “winners” section.

  • When does the Dream Prize Competition finish and when are the results announced?

    Every Dream Prize Competition has its own countdown clock so you can accurately see when the competition will end, The draw take place within 48 hours of the end of the competition and the winners are notified immediately. For our larger competitions, we like to surprise people in person and will attend their home/place of work to surprise them during the day. Results are notified to all entrants once the winner has been notified. Competition results are posted in the “Winners” section of the website.

  • If I win can I choose the colour of the item?

    Yes – where available. Unless specified as a specific model type, you can choose various colours as available. This predominately applies to new cars and some luxury goods.

  • Is there a cash alternative?

    Yes, the Cash Alternative is 70% of the UK RRP of the prize.

  • Will I get a receipt of my purchase?

    You will be emailed confirmation of your order and competition entries immediately after entering. If you’re a first time player, you’ll also receive an email confirming your account log-in details. Information about all competitions you have entered are available on the My Competitions page.

  • Where do you deliver the items to?

    We deliver anywhere in mainland UK free of charge. All items are delivered with UK VAT paid. There may be import/registration duties into certain countries, which in general we do not pay for. It may therefore be preferable to take the cash alternative and then buy the item in your country – we can of course assist with this.

  • Do you help with insuring my Dream Prize when I win?

    Yes, depending on the value of the item won, we may decide to introduce you to a specially selected insurance partner who will contact you and assist with any insurance requirements you may have. Unless specified otherwise, we do not cover the cost of insurance.

  • Can I get a Refunds?

    All sales are final, we offer a no refund policy.

  • Where is in-2-win.co.uk based?

    Our Head Office address is 70 Vale Business Park, Llandow. Cowbridge. CF71 7PF. We can be contacted via our “Contact” section.


  • Who are in-2-win.co.uk?

    We’re a UK-based company and are therefore required to adhere to the highest legal and audit standards. At our Head Office we currently employ approximately 10 staff